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Memorial Day Parade Info

The GVHS Band will be performing at two parades on Memorial Day (Mon May 28) - one in Concord followed by one in Bethel. Meet time is 8:30am, buses will load at 8:45am. It is important for students to eat a good breakfast so that they can make it through the parades - the parades are relatively short, but we have had students feel faint in past years. Have a good breakfast so you have plenty of energy for the day! If the weather forecast looks sunny, please be sure to put on sunscreen in the morning. Students should wear their casual uniform - band t-shirt, khaki shorts, sneakers (preferably black). NOTE: GVHS will be closed on Memorial Day, and it will likely remain alarmed except for the Band Room ONLY. We will NOT be able to access the bathrooms. Rest rooms will be available at each parade end point. The Concord parade starts at Springwater Plaza on the southbound side of 202 (just north of Smithbridge Rd) at 9:30am, heads south on 202 then east on Smithbridge to Elam UM Church. There will be a ceremony behind the Elam Church. If you plan to watch the parade and ceremony, park at Elam Church and watch the parade from Smithbridge Rd. The Bethel parade starts at Briggs Auction at 11:15am, heads east on Naamans Creek Rd past Booth's Corner then south on Foulk Rd to Siloam UM Church, where there will be a ceremony behind the church. There will be water ice and lunch available afterwards for the band members. If you plan to watch the parade, park at Booth's Corner along Naamans Creek Rd and walk over to the church for the ceremony. Students should arrive back at GVHS around 12:45pm.

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