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GVHS Jaguar Marching Band

Attendance Policy

Part of becoming a responsible young adult is learning how to keep track of your commitments using a calendar.   We understand that many of our band members are busy, involved students.  Please read the attendance guidelines and expectations below so you can fulfill your commitment to the band. 


Mark your calendar with all band events!  All band dates are kept current on our Google Calendar.  If you see any band events that you will either be late or must be excused, fill out our online Absence/Lateness Excusal Form at least two weeks in advance.

The high level of performance of the Garnet Valley Band program requires that students attend all rehearsals and performances during the course of the year. The staff is aware that emergencies do arise which may necessitate an absence from a rehearsal or performance. To be as fair as possible to these and other concerns, the following attendance policy will be used for all members of the band starting with the first day of Band Camp and continuing through the end of the school year.


1. Members must attend all rehearsals and performances. An excuse for any planned absence from a rehearsal or performance must be submitted to the director at least two weeks in advance.  In the event of conflicts with other school activities, students should follow the following guidelines: 

    - Band Rehearsals are considered equal priority to any school sport practice, dance rehearsal, activity meeting, etc.  In the event of a schedule conflict, the student should split the time between the two activities.

   -  Band Performances are considered equal priority to school sport games or other activity performance (dance recital, karate test, etc).  In the event of a conflict between the two, the student will choose the event they will attend.  If the performance is part of the Concert Band or Wind Ensemble grade, students will complete a make-up assignment to earn the grade for the performance.

   - In any conflict involving a rehearsal/practice and a performance/game, the PERFORMANCE or GAME takes priority.

   - Absences due to employment are not considered excused.  The community expectation is that “school comes first.” Employers generally have the same philosophy if approached EARLY with school district schedules.  If you plan to work this Fall, give your employer our schedule immediately. This will eliminate unnecessary complications in the future.

2. Members who become ill on the day of a rehearsal or performance should call the director or bring in a written excuse when they return to school.


3. Members who are absent from school due to medical, religious, or family reasons are considered excused from a rehearsal or performance on the same day.

4. Members who show up at a rehearsal or performance more than five minutes after the start time will be considered late for that rehearsal / performance.


5. Incidents of unexcused lateness or absence will have the following consequences:

Level 1: Verbal warning from Staff or Band Director

Level 2: Written warning, via e-mail to student and parents

Level 3: Dismissal from the Marching Band, at the discretion of the Band Director

6. Penalties will not be assessed to students who are late to rehearsals or performances due to a school sponsored event in which they participate.

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