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The CONCERT BAND is the core of the instrumental music program.  It is like the center of a wheel, with additional performing groups, such as Marching Band, Jazz Band, Indoor Drumline, Chamber Ensembles, extending outward from the center.  The key to an outstanding, well-balanced instrumental music program is the foundation of musicianship that begins in the concert band.

The Garnet Valley High School Concert Band is made up of brass, woodwind, and percussion students. Emphasis is placed on the development of individual and ensemble musical skills and performance excellence through group rehearsals, public performances, and individual practice. Occasional rehearsals will be scheduled outside the normal school day. Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is required. Students in the Concert Band are encouraged to continue private instruction and to participate in local, district, regional, state, and national concert festivals and contests. This course may be repeated.

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