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Join the GVHS Jaguar Marching Band!


Why should you join?

- You'll meet new friends and get to know LOTS of kids.  We have over 140 students in the band.  Incoming 9th graders, you get the opportunity to meet upperclassmen at band camp and feel even more confident when you star school in September. 

- The music we play is really fun.  Our halftime show is always amazing, our drumline beats are awesome, and the music we play in the football stands really pumps up the crowd.  It's an amazing experience.   Don't worry if you don't think you are "good enough" on your instrument - our band staff and student leaders are very helpful and will teach you how to get bettter.

- You'll get your very own uniform! Plus GVHS swag like t-shirts, hoodies, band water cooler, and more.

- We get free dinners at band camp.  Seriously, this is one of the top perks our students love.

- We TRAVEL.  First, you get into every GVHS football game for free.  We also travel to Band Championships in Hershey, PA every year.  And, we always take a band trip, including NYC, Disneyworld, and this year - HAWAII!

What is the time commitment?

- Band Camp, which is two weeks in August before we go back to school.  Band Camp is 2pm-9pm each day, Monday-Friday.  This is the part where you get free dinner!  Band camp is also a ton of fun.  

- Practices Mondays and Wednesdays, 6-9pm.  This goes from September until about the first week of November.

- Friday night football games.  Same as above, from Sept to about mid-November.  So much fun!

- Three Saturday Band Competitions.  We travel to local schools to perform our show and get scored on our music and marching.  The best part about these events is you get to meet a ton of kids from other schools.

How do I join?

- Fill out our Marching Band Sign-up Form

QUESTIONS?  Contact Band Director Dr. Selfridge anytime:

What do high school students say about band?

"Band was the best experience in high school for me by far"

- Joe, 12th Grade

"Some of my friends had quit band in middle school, so I worried if I was making the right choice. It is the right choice. Band gave me a second family and also endlesss memories."

- Christine, 12th Grade

"The friends you make in band will be some of the most loyal friends you make in high school."

- Grace, 10th Grade

"If you are debating joining band next year you definitely should. Band is very fun and you meet a lot of nice and funny people."

- Greg, 10th Grade

"I don't know what I would have done without it.  I was so
stressed with my other classes, but I had band, a class that I could enjoy and relax in. It is also really fun and challenging in a good way.

- Ceci, 9th Grade

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