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We Have a Place for YOU in GVHS Music!

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Color Guard
Music Theory
Audio Engineering

Or learn more about our ensembles below:

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Did you know that over 300 GVHS students are involved in our GVHS music program?  Click the link above to learn the top ten reasons why students love being a part of GVHS Music, including: Meeting Awesome People, Making Memories, Traveling, Performing Fun & Exciting Music, and more!


We have so many fun and exciting opportunities for you to participate, perform, and learn about music.  Whether you want to be on-stage with our Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Color Guard or Drumline, or learn how to play piano and guitar, or compose and create in our Music Theory and Audio Engineering classes, we welcome all interested students to join in!  ALL STUDENTS ARE WELCOME, even if you have no experience.  All you have to do is contact your guidance counselor and request to have a music class added to your schedule!

An Overview of our Program

(For All Students)

Welcome 8th Grade Students & Parents!!

Watch this video message from Dr. Selfridge

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Or learn more about our ensembles below:

Marching, Concert, Jazz, and More!
2021 Marching Band Show

Why You Should Join Band!

Real GVHS Band Students share their experiences

GVHS Orchestra

Join our fantastic GVHS Orchestra!  9th Graders should register for "Orchestra".  10-12 Graders can also audition to be part of the honors "Chamber Orchestra".

Enjoy this outstanding performance of the "Game of Thrones" Theme by the GVHS Orchestra!

Meet Our Music Teachers

Our music teachers are here help! Please e-mail or call anytime if you have questions about Band, Chorus, Orchestra, or any of our Music Courses

Mrs. Thomas

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Concert Choir

Master Singers

HS Musical



Mrs. Burke

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Chamber Orch.     610-579-7728

Dr. Selfridge

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Concert Band

Wind Ensemble

Marching Band

Jazz Band

Music Theory

Audio Eng.

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