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Individual Musicianship Achievement Levels

Our band curriculum has two pillars: Ensemble Skills and Individual Musicianship Skills.  Ensemble Skills are practiced through our band music.  Individual Musicianship Skills are developed using the checklist below.  All students are expected to practice at home and work to improve their individual musicianship skills on their chosen instrument.  

To help our students track their progress and set goals, we use the following Achievement Level Chart shown below.  Each semester, students are expected to make progress on these specific goals.  As you practice, follow these important practice steps:


1) Clearly set your goal and obtain the sheet music necessary to practice

2) Always practice with a metronome

3) Practice SLOWLY and with ACCURACY.  Be sure your notes, rhythms, and articulations are precise. 

4) Use the rule of three: if you make a mistake 3 times in a row, you must slow down the metronome.  If you play it correctly 3 times in a row, you can speed up the metronome a few clicks.


1) Submit a video on Schoology of your performance.  Your instrument and hands must be visible in the video, and you must perform with a metronome

2) OR Perform your task in-person with Dr. Selfridge at a designated time.

3) Your performance will be evaluated using our Instrumental Performance Rubric

Example Achievement Level Chart Below.  Links to download are above right at top of this page..

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