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Mid-Year Playing Assessment 2022-23

You will submit your seating audition on Schoology.  Look in Schoology for the assignment "Mid Year Playing Assessment".  If you have any questions, contact Dr. Selfridge in person or by e-mail

What are Mid-Year Playing Assessments?

Mid-Year Assessment for the GVHS Band is held each year in January.  There are several goals for the mid-year assessment: 1) To provide both students and the director with a snapshot of student progress and room for growth, 2) To provide students goals for practicing and improving, 3) To assist with placing band members in ensembles and assigning parts.   This process is not meant to cause stress, it is simply the most fair and accurate way to determine the best role for each student in our ensembles.

How Do I Complete my Assessment Video?


1) Download the assigned music for your instrument (links to the left).   Practice the music.  Pay careful attention to the tempo markings, key signatures, articulations, etc.     

2) Make a video recording of yourself performing all of the music on the sheet.   You can use a metronome while you record.   You must submit ONE video that contains all of the audition requirements.  You can play the full audition from beginning to end, or you can record each requirement separately and combine into one video.  DO NOT add any digital effects or edits to your performance (reverb, EQ, etc)


 3) Submit your audition video on Schoology before the assigned deadline.

How Are Auditions Scored?

Audition recordings will be scored using the Instrumental Performance Rubric, which consists of the following five categories: Pitch Accuracy, Rhythm/Fluency, Tone/Intonation, Expressive Elements, Instrument Technique.  

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