Amparito Roca Record! :)

As our Spring Concert approaches, the band classes have been hard at work preparing their music. One of our songs this year is Amparito Roca, a Spanish march that is well-known for being played at a quick tempo. This song is categorized by its strong features for the brass and saxophone sections, along with its heavy marching style mixed with softer, lighter sections and supportive upbeats. Although Amparito is supposed to be played fast, one of our band classes thought it would be exciting to see just how fast it could be played. Over three attempts, the class played it in 2 minutes 4 seconds, 2 minutes 2 seconds, and finally, the record-breaking 1 minute and 58 seconds. Here we present our fastest run of Amparito Roca to date. See the video here.

We hope that you enjoy this bit of band class fun, and we can’t wait to see you at our concert on May 31!

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