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Sign In to your New CHARMS Profile

NEW this year, the GVHS Band is using CHARMS Office Assistant as our online hub for Band communication and student information. Each individual student has an account that has a lot of information within it, including, band assignments, fees and fundraising balances, downloadable handouts and files, uniform assignment, etc. Both parent and student access this same account using a password. This is a very important tool that helps when creating lists, mass emails, music library, instrument and uniform inventory, student attendance at rehearsals and performances, and so much more.We ask that each of you visit your Charms account on a regular basis to check things out and stay updated. We also ask that you check your information to be sure it is updated especially if you have recently changed email addresses or phone numbers. We rely on mass emails to get out information to all parents and students throughout the year so please make sure your email address is updated. For detailed instructions on how to sign in, click here!

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