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Ensemble Placements 2021-22

Thank you to everyone who submitted a seating audition.  The Ensemble Lists are below, listed alphabetically by last name.  They have also been entered into your Alma as the recommended course for next year.


The decisions for Wind Ensemble and Concert Band placement are based on the skill level demonstrated in your audition, as well as consideration of proper balance of instrumentation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Dr Selfridge.


Special Note for Students who Participate in Multiple Ensembles:

Concert Band, Choir, and Orchestra all meet during the same period.  Similarly, Wind Ensemble, Master Singers, and Chamber Orchestra all meet during the same period.   If you participate in more than one group, choose one to put on your schedule, and inform your teachers that you would like to participate in more than one group.  You will rotate between the ensembles you participate in.  The teacher on your schedule will give you a grade, but you will be responsible for completing a portion of the assignments for every ensemble you participate in.  


Ambati, Utkarsh
Annappindi, Akshat
Benny, Charles
Bourogiannis, Constantine
Byun, Isaiah
Carr, Evan
D'Italia, Natalie
Dadhich, Anil
Das, Sreenidhi
Desai, Roshan
DiClemente, Natalia
DiTrolio, Christian
Doyle, Trevor
Ellis, Jacey
Ferrara, Rebecca
Gerhard, James
Gustave, Ethan
Huss, John
Incorvaia, Rosemarie
Jones, Alexander
Lipson, Brandon
Meyers, Clay
Muppasani, Alex
Myhand, Camille
Neff, Aidan
Nguyen, Ryan
ODonnell, Ryan
Pintar, Nathan
Potochar, Jackson
Powers, Andrew
Roach, Brandon
Shao, Cody
Shvidchenko, Alexandra
Smitheman, Seamus
Sosinsky, Alexander
Taylor, Ryan
Tumolo, Nathan
Vats, Atiksh
Walker, Scout
Weber, Grace
Wert, Laura
Williams, Ethan
Wu, Charlotte


Box-Thompson, Lauryn
Burkett, Ethan
Chadive, Sathvik
Chen, Eric
Chung, Carly
Connelly, Evan
Conte, Mary
Cottrell, Hunter
Craley, Logan
Crothamel, Nicholas
Crothamel, Zachary
D'Italia, Arianna
Davoine, Alexander
DeJohn, Vincent
DelCollo, Vanessa
DiLuzio, Dominic
Elliott, Timothy
Grassa, Matthew
Hartley, Gwen
Jones, Ashley
Kieffer, Grace
Kondo, Marina
Kuoch, Benjamin
Lai, Caleb
Lederer, Gregory
Lim, Brady
Lim, Joshua
Lin, Daniel
Lyons, Grace
Mallineni, Sruthi
Palmer, Emilia
Parikh, Chetan
Park, Jared
Park, Jeremy
Patel, Mihika
Patel, Premanand
Powers, Joseph
Presta, Andrew
Qian, Elizabeth
Reddy, Rathna
Sahoo, Omkar
Sang, Russell
Smith, Amanda
Tang, Kevin
Toner, John
Vu, Anh
Vyas, Milan
Wade, Jake
Wert, Alyssa
Wydila, Gerald
Zou, Amos


Chin, Connor
Haskins, Charles
Holobovich, Jacob
Jones, Alexander
Mack, Rebecca
McErlean, Sophia
Meyers, Clay
Nguyen, Ryan
Taylor, Ryan

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