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GVHS Musicians are Athletes, too!

What do Musicians and Athletes have in common? We love to work hard, strive to improve, and we're always up for playing! If you enjoy playing sports and playing music, you belong in the GVHS Music Program. Did you know that over 25% of GVHS music students are also active in team sports? In the GVHS Music program, we understand that our students have wide-ranging interests, and we believe that our students should be able to find the time to develop their varied talents.

Of course, the challenge of being a busy, talented person is learning how to manage your time. This is a valuable skill that will serve you throughout your life! The GVHS music teachers work closely with the sports coaches and activity directors to allow students to share time between activities to maintain meaningful participation. YOUR job is to plan your schedule diligently, manage your calendar, and inform your directors and coaches of your schedule conflicts. Sports and music, we can do this!

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