Frequently Asked Questions...

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Can I Participate in more than one Ensemble?  (Band/Chorus/Orchestra)

Yes, Our Band/Chorus/Orchestra meet during the same period, so students who wish to participate in multiple groups only need to sign on for ONE credit.  They can choose one to put on their schedule, and should select the others as "alternates" so we can know what they are interested in.

Which Class Should I Sign Up For?

"Concert Band" for all incoming students who play woodwind or brass.

"Percussion Ensemble" for all incoming percussion students

"Concert Choir" for all incoming students interested in Choir

"Orchestra" for all incoming string players

If you are interested in participating in more than one ensemble, put the other ensembles as your "alternate" courses.   

Is Marching Band Required (for Band)?

Although Marching Band is not required, it is HIGHLY recommended for all band students.  95% of band students participate in marching band.  Many students describe it as their favorite part of band.  Also, especially for 9th graders, you will get to meet a ton of people and make friends during band camp in August, before school starts.   We are flexible with schedules as well. If you have a schedule conflict, such as tennis, soccer, or another activity, we are flexible to let you leave early or come late to practices as needed.

I Can't Fit Band in My Schedule, Can I Still Do Marching Band?

We require all students to take Concert Band in order to participate in any of our co-curricular ensembles, including marching band, indoor drumline, jazz band, etc.  The only exception is students who participate in our color guard.  Concert Band is the center of our band program, where we learn and develop our musical skills.  Our attached handout sheet goes into detail about strategies for fitting band into your schedule.

Can New Members Join Band/Chorus/Orchestra? Even if I'm a Beginner?

YES, we welcome all interested students! If you have never played an instrument before, or maybe you played at one time and stopped somewhere along the way, we welcome you to join. We'll teach you everything you need to know. Contact Dr. Selfridge and let's talk about what you are interested in playing! Office: (610) 579-7750 Email:


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